The Earth is our home.

We rely on it and its resources to provide us with food and water.

As our population grows, so do our resource requirements. Freshwater usage has increased sixfold since 1900 and amounts to 4 trillion cubic metres annually these days. About 70% of freshwater withdrawals are used for agriculture, to produce our food. We also have a steadily increasing per capita food supply in many countries, and our global food consumption has even been growing faster than the world population!

We create too much stress.

Conventional farms are inefficient and waste huge amounts of water and nutrients. In many countries, water use efficiency is below 50%, that means more than half of the water is lost!

Because most crops grow in huge monocultures, lots of pesticides and fertilizer are necessary. The plants also need to travel far until they reach us. This results in high CO2 emissions, decreased food quality, and massive food waste. In Switzerland alone, 2.6 million tonnes of food are wasted annually. In the EU, 88 million tonnes go to waste every year, worth EUR 143 billion.

This damages the environment, and ultimately ourselves, as we cannot produce enough clean water and food for everyone.

We can build a cleaner future, by changing the way we produce plants - LOCAL and CLEAN!

Automation and efficiency.

By producing plants locally and in controlled closed environments, we can produce our plants much more efficiently.

In hydroponic and aeroponic systems, plants grow in a closed system without soil. In hydroponics, the roots are submerged in nutrient- and oxygen-enriched water. In aeroponics, high-pressure nozzles produce fine, nutrient-rich water droplets that are efficiently absorbed by the plant roots.

The benefits: less water and nutrients needed, no pesticides, and faster growth! These techniques can save up to 98% of water and 60% of nutrients compared to traditional farming. Monitoring the environment and adjusting artificial lighting, water and nutrient supply allows us to be highly energy efficient. Even for plants growing in soil, controlling these parameters carefully can increase the resource efficiency compared to traditional farming.

And you can grow anywhere – at home, at work, on rooftops, in cellars!

Veggies everywhere!

Pleasant Plants designs and builds highly automated grow systems, so you can produce your own veggies when and where you need them, with little work and little waste.

You can enjoy fresh, healthy herbs and vegetables and greener surroundings, while relieving stress on the environment.

Our mission: happier, healthier people and a happier, healthier planet!

Our first automated system is available now!

Thank you for your support!