Who we are

We are an innovative startup in Zurich with a team of doctoral students and graduates of ETH and UZH. We come from diverse backgrounds, including physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer sciences, and electrical engineering.

We believe that industries and technologies should strive towards clean and sustainable ways of using our most fundamental resources, like clean water and food.

PleasantPlants develops and produces automated grow systems, so that new food production technologies can begin to provide an alternative to today’s commercial agriculture.


Our Mission

We want to help preserve the earth's resources and ecosystems for generations to come, and contribute to efficient food production around the world.

Our Solution

Local and clean food production should be possible everywhere! We want to grow plants autonomously - in homes and offices, on rooftops and in cellars.

Co-founders Alexander Smirnow (PhD candidate Finance UZH) and Jenny Held (Dr. Physics ETH)

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